Current Sponsors

The North Shore Land Alliance is grateful to the following individuals and businesses for their support of our 2014 Wine Auction and Barn Dance to be held on Saturday, October 18th at the Barn at Groton Place.  


Gran Reserva Sponsor

  • Sally Peters and Hal Davidson
  • Terry and Bob Lindsay

Vintner’s Reserve Sponsor

  • Botsy and Hoyle Jones
  • Lee and Patrick Mackay – Piping Rock Associates
  • Lara and Remy Trafelet
  • William and Joyce O’Neil Charitable Trust

Grand Classique Sponsor

  • Lori and Roger Bahnik – The Bahnik Foundation
  • Cathy Chernoff
  • Megan and Dan de Roulet
  • Gussy and Mark Donohue
  • Laureen and Ragnar M. Knutsen
  • Elaine and John Postley
  • Lisa and Peter Schiff
  • Herbert L. Smith III Family Fund

Au Cheateau Sponsor

  • Caroline Bassett
  • Mrs. Daniel P. Davison
  • Aimee and George Eberle
  • Marlaine and Jonathan Moore
  • Eileen and Tom Pulling
  • Missy and Wright Rumbough
  • Susie and Stanley Trotman
  • Peri and Martin Wenz
  • Beth and John Werwaiss

List in formation.